CRIF Gateway

In today’s world, the challenge is no longer data unavailability, but rather accessing the multiple data sources that are out there, in the right logical sequence, and being able to compile and analyse the result. That is where CRIF Gateway comes in. A fully customisable connectivity tool that allows our clients to access multiple data sources based on logical flows; compiling, analysing, and caching the resulting data for re-use. The possibility of in-house installation at a client’s premises, or on the CRIF secure cloud makes CRIF Gateway a very flexible solution.

Whether you are a large financial institution with multiple branches and want to reduce costs by preventing multiple enquiries on the same subject by different branches on the same day across multiple bureaus, or a small financial institution looking for a simple loan application and or decision tool offered as-a-service on a per click basis, CRIF Gateway is the right tool for you.