CRIF Credit Bureau Solution

C2BS is a state-of-the-art solution for credit bureaus. Fully functioning, out-of-the-box, yet deeply customisable according to the needs of each client and fully scalable, it represents a complete solution for any credit bureau requirements. Whether your needs are a “pocket bureau” for a single institution, a “vertical bureau” for a specific sector, or a full-service, cross-sectoral credit bureau solution, C2BS is the solution for you. The solution’s flexibility allows customisations and price sensitivity to work for small countries in developing economies, as well as for the largest countries in advanced economies.

C2BS includes specific modules that make it uniquely qualified as a solution for public bodies wishing to create a credit registry, by focusing on reporting, compliance, and oversight features.

C2BS is sold both as-a-solution installed in-house at the client’s selected datacentre, or as-a-service in a cloud environment hosted at CRIF’s own high security and high availability datacentre.