Public Credit Registries

CRIF’s platform is a global standard for the management and operation of Public Credit Registries. The Central Banks or Public Bodies of 6 countries in the world have been utilising our state of the art technological platform, which includes fully customisable local components, to manage public credit registries or oversee private credit bureaus.

Our world-class platforms have enabled creation of private credit bureaus for CRIF companies and clients, as well as public credit registries for institutional clients. Our two-layer approach (a technology platform that ensures stability regardless of the specific solution built on top, and a customized component that ensures the right fit for our client’s needs) allows CRIF to provide targeted solutions for any need. Whether you are looking for a standard solution to be localised for your market to run a Public Credit Registry, a tested but flexible template to be customised for specific needs to include specific data analysis components, or a completely custom solution based on a solid platform to oversee licensed private credit bureaus, CRIF can support you to find the right fit.

Additionally, CRIF has also experience in fully hosting the solution in our secure data center and managing the operations in the field of a Public Credit Registry as an agent of central banks.

CRIF Gateway

In today’s world, the challenge is no longer data unavailability, but rather accessing the multiple data sources that are out there, in the right logical sequence, and being able to compile and analyse the result.