That is where CRIF Gateway comes in. A fully customisable connectivity tool that allows our clients to access multiple data sources based on logical flows, compiling, analysing, and caching the resulting data for re-use. The possibility to be installed in house at our client’s location, or on the CRIF secure cloud makes CRIF Gateway a very flexible solution.

Whether you are a large financial institution with multiple branches and want to reduce costs by preventing multiple enquiries on the same subject by different branches in the same day across multiple bureaus, or a small financial institution looking for a simple loan application and or decision tool offered as-a-service on a per click basis, CRIF Gateway is the right tool for you.

Products and Services

Credit Bureau

CRIF is a leader in the provision, management, and operation of credit bureaus worldwide. CRIF’s unique mix of a state-of-the-art technological platform, fully customisable local components, and wide availability of value-added solutions has ensured successful installation and continued growth of our bureau solutions in 20 countries since the 1990s.

Information Bureau Platform

<span>Our world-class bureau platforms have enabled creation of bureaus for CRIF companies and clients alike. Our two-layer approach (a technology platform that ensures stability regardless of the specific solution built on top, and a customized component that ensures the right fit for our client’s needs) allows CRIF to provide targeted solutions for any need. </span>