Central Banks

Central Banks

Improve lending processes

The quantity and quality of credit information provided to lenders to reduce credit risks, processing times, and costs.


CRIF’s platform is a global standard for the management and operation of Public Credit Registries. The Central Banks or Public Bodies of 6 countries in the world have been using our state of the art technological platform, which includes fully customisable local components, to manage public credit registries or oversee private credit bureaus.

Credit Bureau

C2BS is a state of the art solution for Credit Bureaus. Fully functioning out of the box, yet deeply customisable according to the needs of each client and fully scalable, it represents a complete solution for any credit bureau needs.

Public Credit Registries

Whether you look for a standard or a completely custom solution to be localised for your market or specific needs, CRIF can support you to find the right fit.