The CRIF Vision-net Search platform offers over 100 search combinations and comprehensive reports to let you establish the identity, creditworthiness and financial status of any company, business, director or sole trader in Ireland, the UK or across the world through our extensive partner network.
Information on is updated live in real time to ensure our clients are constantly provided with up to the second data, while our comprehensive company and individual monitoring facilities ensure the most relevant updates are always brought to their attention first.

CRIF Vision-net credit reports are highly predictive:

  • Continual Performance Scoring. Every credit score is reviewed every day to check for any new data which may affect the score. This ensures that we will keep the credit score live and alert you should there be any change.
  • Tailored To The Irish Market. Our edit reports specifically cater for assessing risk in the recovering economy while balancing the need to conduct business.
  • Easy To Follow. The simple traffic light on each report offers a top level credit score at a glance.
  • New Technology. Credit reports use innovative new technology, to interpret key factors both financial and non-financial which we have found to be predictive in assessing business risk.
  • Irish Business Environment: credit reports are based exclusively on the Irish economy, unlike many others which are imported from UK, and simply applied to Irish companies.

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