Open Banking Expo Awards 2021

CRIF is as key partner for Open Banking Expo Awards, which recognise the innovators, disruptors and visionaries from around the world.

WHEN: 15 July 2021

Open Banking is the most significant digital transformation the financial services sector has seen in decades. Introduced to stimulate competition, drive innovation and offer consumers and businesses greater control of their finances, there are already so many successes. It is time to award the innovators, disruptors and visionaries across the globe who have been at the forefront of the Open Banking revolution.

Sara Costantini, Managing Director of CRIF, said: “With over 20 years of experience in the UK financial sector, CRIF has massively invested in Open Banking technologies and has been operating in the UK through Credit Passport, a disruptive Open Banking credit scoring platform used by more than 20,000 SMEs.”

She added: “With the recent acquisitions of Inventia and Strands, leading providers of digital onboarding and PBFM solutions, CRIF has further enriched its digital proposition and is committed to continue its journey as a key player in the fintech landscape of the 31 countries where it operates as an AISP."

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