CRIF Credit Framework

The holistic approach that responds to all credit and risk challenges, from strategies to solutions

Information, know-how, insight & technology to achieve sound & optimized decision-making and compliant processes in every phase of the customer life cycle.


CRIF solutions integrate credit and business information, decision-support models, outsourcing, software and consultancy services which allows the direction of strategic development to be defined, the market share to be improved, credit risk reduction and management of the business in a more effective way, while reducing costs.

Discover the best solutions for your needs:


Set strategic goals, align them with operations and monitor performance.


Excel at targeting and connecting customers with a compelling customer experience and taking acceptable risk.


On-board customers and originate loans to achieve growth while mitigating risk and streamlining processes.


Achieve an optimal balance between managing risk and opportunities, with targeted and timely next-best-actions.


Collect more with a flexible approach that leverages all internal and external resources.

Assess Risk

Proactively and efficiently assess and mitigate risk throughout your organisation.


Adjust to new and ongoing regulations and compliance with ease and a forward-looking approach.

Leverage Data, Analytics and Processes

Take advantage of data and analytics.