Driving success, through better risk management and business intelligence


It is vital to be able to count on complete, up-to-date business information and assessment tools to compete successfully, achieve profitability targets in increasingly complex markets, and make decisions quickly and efficiently.

CRIF's mission is to supply solutions to these needs.

By transforming these complexities into concrete development opportunities, CRIF offers its partners invaluable strategic and operational support for all phases of credit and marketing management, thanks to a range of integrated information solutions and decision support systems that are unique in the market in terms of technology, know-how and performance.

Discover the best solutions for your needs:

Risk Management

Companies looking for the highest quality business information can use CRIF solutions to help them achieve the best results in terms of profitability and healthy growth.

Compliance and Fraud Intelligence

KYC compliance solutions assist you with risk mitigation and AML due diligence.

Marketing Campaigns

Marketing lists are a great tool to armor your sales and marketing teams with to help them quickly identify the right companies and the right people to talk to.