Our commitment

CRIF is committed to digital financial inclusion. We work responsibly to offer innovative solutions to support our customers to enhance access to credit in compliance, granting a digital access and use of financial services by excluded and underserved people.

CRIF makes a real contribution to the fund-raising and awareness campaigns of non-profit organisations involved in social issues in Italy and around the world.

CRIF supports AMREF in its humanitarian projects

AMREF is Africa's leading non-profit health development organisation, made up of African men and women working together to develop African nations. AMREF projects fall within six specific areas: Women, Children, HIV/TB and Malaria, Water, Community Health, Research and Innovation.

CRIF and the Fondazione ANT Italia

The non-profit organisation Fondazione ANT Italia (Italian Cancer Association), established in 1978, is the largest non-profit organisation in Italy providing free home care to cancer patients. Since 2004 it has also been active in the field of cancer prevention. CRIF helps support the Foundation through internal and external initiatives aimed at raising funds and increasing awareness of its employees and others they come into contact with.

CRIF supports LILT cancer prevention initiatives

The Milan branch of the Italian League for the Fight Against Cancer (LILT), founded in 1948 on the basis of a strong culture of charity and health education, operates in Milan and the surrounding province, fighting cancer through a number of services offered to inhabitants for cancer prevention, early diagnosis and support, with the help of over 700 volunteers.

CRIF supports the Stop Hunger Now Meal Packaging Program

Stop Hunger Now is a non-government organisation set up in 1998 by Ray Buchanan in the United States and it is now present in Italy, South Africa and Malaysia. The main objective of the association is to support literacy programs by providing food to schools in some of the world's poorest areas. To this end, in December 2005, SHN set up the Meal Packaging Program through which ad hoc events are organised to package food rations, including rice, soy, dehydrated vegetables and essential vitamins and minerals, to send to local associations.

CRIF supports BolognAltruista

BolognAltruista is a non-profit organisation based on flexible volunteering with initiatives that are accessible to anyone and which respond to the city's needs. Specifically, BolognAltruista puts public-spirited people in contact who want to do good, making it easier for them to contribute to the city and to the community. BolognAltruista quickly and easily connects demand with the supply of volunteers: with just a simple click on the website, locals can see the various offers in the Bologna area and decide, even at the last minute, what help to give, what activity to take part in, or how to spend a bit of their free time to help others...a family going through hard times, a person living alone, or a community project.

Culture: CRIF supports the Civitas Claterna Association

In 2011, CRIF signed an agreement with the cultural association “CIVITAS CLATERNA” to provide support to the archaeological excavations and studies being carried out of the lost city of Claterna, close to Ozzano dell’Emilia in the province of Bologna, Italy. This ancient city, abandoned following the break up of the Roman institutions, was never occupied again, and its ruins, which were gradually demolished, disappeared beneath agricultural land. Up to the present day, this has protected the city remains, giving archaeologists the opportunity to systematically investigate the reality of an ancient Roman municipium, studying the way in which it was first developed and then transformed.

CRIF and the environment

CRIF is very aware of the importance of protecting the environment, and has adopted a series of initiatives aimed at reducing wasteful energy consumption. Every year in Italy, CRIF takes part in the national energy saving day “M’illumino di meno”, and in the summer, the internal lighting in the offices is reduced.
Furthermore, CRIF is constantly launching internal communication and awareness campaigns to urge all staff to use resources responsibly. In particular, the company has adopted a structured system for collecting and recycling paper, and uses eco-friendly stationery and promotional gifts such as vegetal pens and recycled plastic bags.